Custom Bridal, Capsule Collection

Hilandel is a design label based in New York City, specializing in custom bridal as well as offering a collection of limited-edition ready to wear pieces.

Hillary Anne O’Dell

Professional Designer, Amateur Anthropologist 

An impassioned feminist, creative and curious to her core, Hillary Anne O’Dell is inspired by authenticity and individuality. As an empath, Hillary seeks to understand others and translate their feelings into fashion. She particularly loves how designing for a specific client allows her to flex a multitude of skills giving her a new room to work in with new walls to work up against. While she’s studied and worked with some of the best across NYC, she’s not one to name drop or rely on the notoriety of others to tell her story. She prefers to let her work stand on its own.

Authentic, honest, and known to drop a few casual f-bombs, Hillary Anne O’Dell is a straight shooter who tells it like she sees it. In terms of her own personal style, Hillary has eclectic taste with a keen eye for editing. She describes herself as a maximalist, however, she doesn’t own anything she doesn’t love and she’s always looking to style her favorites together in new and interesting ways. When she’s not designing or working with clients, you can find Hillary binge-watching crime dramas, supporting local businesses in her beloved Astoria, Queens, or brunching (bold coffee in one hand and a mimosa in the other) with her husband, Brian and their sassy French Bulldog Eloise.